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Plots have been made of the CO retrievals for each day and monthly averages. The Version 4 Level 2 data have been gridded at 1 degree horizontal resolution. Plots will be added as V4 data is processed. See the News and Status page for dates of, and reasons for, missing data.

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Directory of KMZ files.


Animation created by American Museum of Natural History, October 2004

QuickTime movie of three years of MOPITT data with commentary.

Movies created at NCAR/ACD

  •  CO isosurface (5MB avi)
    This animation shows 180 parts of ozone per billion parts of air (ppb) of carbon monoxide concentration superimposed on the Earth's topography. The animation represents approximately one month of data, with eight frames per day. Scientists obtained these results by integrating carbon monoxide measurements from the instrument, Measurements of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) on-board the Terra satellite with the three-dimensional chemistry transport model MOZART 2 originally developed at the Atmospheric Chemistry Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Note that a preliminary or a "beta" version of the MOPITT data were used in this experiment.
    Animation provided by B. Khattatov and J-F. Lamarque, NCAR. MOPITT CO data provided by NCAR MOPITT group headed by John Gille. MOZART model has been developed by scientists from NCAR and Max Planck Institute-Hamburg.
  •  CO isosurface (88MB avi)
    Same as above but for 9 months in 2000 (March-December). Larger file.
  • (27MB quicktime)
    A quicktime movie of assimilated CO at 500 mb for August - December 2000.
  • (17MB quicktime)
    A quicktime animation of binned 500mb Level 3 data for 2000-2001.
  •  MOPITT CO Mar-Dec 2000 at 500 mbar (12MB avi)
    MPEG4 movie of assimilated CO at 500 mb for August - December 2000.
  • Animation of the assimilated Phase 1 MOPITT CO in MOZART-2, at 700 hPa (created by V. Yudin):

Movies created by NASA of images generated at NCAR (files at NASA/GSFC)